Where to Get Bait in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota area

June 16, 2013 1:36 pm1 commentViews: 1944

Live Bait

The occasional fisher living in the Minneapolis St Paul area may have trouble coming up with a good bait shop.  Stand alone live bait shops have pretty much disappeared in the metro setting.

But that said, there are still a goodly number of places to find bait throughout the metro region.  The best single listing turns out to be on the Minnesota DNR site.

The Link is:

Crappie Minnows Make Great Live Bait

Crappie Minnows


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  • FisherBabe,I can recommend JR’s I’ve been going there for 20 years and every year, it gets btteer. One of the unique things you can do at JR’s that you can’t at many drive-ins is go on a portage trip that takes you all the way to the Wabaskang some of the prettiest and most desolate terrain you’ll see. Great fishing, too. JR has wireless internet access, if you are into that. One downside is that it is remote to get to camp, you must drive on 10 miles of a rough gravel road and across an old Bailey bridge that goes over a steep cut in the river a bit creepy. Fish on!

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