Trout Fishing Essentials

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In Minnesota with all our lakes, the allure of trout fishing is less pronounced than in parts of the country not so blessed.  For most of us, the Walleye or perhaps the Muskie top our list.  That said, there are still those who value the skills and knowledge it takes to be a great trout fisher.

Trout Fishing Tips


And trout fishing has its own gear as well as lore.

Today we will be sharing information on the gear, with a titch of lore added. It seems there are some 7 million fishers in the US…

Of those 7 million anglers, not all are trout masters. It’s often said that only 10 percent of all fishermen catch 90 percent of all the trout. Those elite 10 percent have more than a deep understanding of fish and stream — they also have the ­right equipment. But even that’s a challenge beginning anglers must overcome.

­Visit an­y tackle shop ­or outdoor retailer, and you’ll find a dizzying array of trout fishing gear. What are the absolute essentials for successful trout fishing? How do you ensure that you won’t venture into the field with either too little to get the job done or too much to carry from vehicle to stream? ­

These are the questions we’re about to answer in our search for the perfect gear for trout fishing. Our focus will be trout fishing with bait and lures. Fly-fishing for trout is a specialty that demands its own article. So, in no particular order, let’s get started.


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