The Occasional Fisher – For Those of Us Who Can’t Play Hooky as Much as We Would Like

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The Occasional Fisher is all about fishing.  But it is not necessarily all about every fisherman or woman. If you are on the Bass Tournament Circuit, we admire you, maybe even envy you, but we are not you.

We like/love to go fishing, but our lives, jobs, family and or other circumstances keep us from getting out as much as we would like.

When we do go fishing, we like to catch fish. We like to know what we are doing. And we want to do it  – shall we say – as gracefully as possible.  We don’t necessarily need to own the top dollar gear, but we don’t really want to be ashamed of our gear either.

Some of us may be a bit rusty on how to tie that old fishing knot. Others may know one or two fishing techniques, but are probably not experts in all aspects of angling. So over time we will cover everything from fishing with a slip bobber, to back trolling, casting and more.Fishing Gear

Whatever your level of fishing finesse or lack thereof, the Occasional Fisher is destined to become a useful resource for the everyday guy (and gals) who want to get maximum enjoyment from your upcoming fishing adventures.

We will become your fishing guide. Offering you fishing tips and fishing reports on freshwater fishing in the upper Midwest and beyond.  We primarily fish in Minnesota ourselves, but we love going away on fishing trips when the opportunity presents itself.

We will discuss fishing supplies, from tackle boxes including everything from fish line, to fish nets, fishing poles, reels and gear all the way up to fishing boats and trailers.  And while we will certainly offer you opportunities to acquire great products through our site, we will help you avoid those shiny lures made to catch fishermen more than fish, if you know what we mean. 🙂

We will help you understand the peculiarities of Bass fishing to Trout fishing to hunting the mighty Muskie or the scrappy sunny.Fresh water fishing - perch We will help you understand the habitat and habits of the many different fresh water sport fish, and even some of their less desirable cousins.  (Love those eelpout!)

Whatever fresh water fish you are after, we will cover it. And sometimes we will head out for some salt water surf fishing or deep sea fishing vacations.  Although, if we are to do justice to our main focus, you can expect to read and learn more about Northern Pike than Marlin, Shark or Swordfish.

And while we are thinking of fishing trips, we will consider being your guide to fishing trips of all sorts, highlighting hot local fishing spots, and great fishing lodges and fishing lakes in our region.

If your fishing lake just happens to be the one where your cabin is, we will help you learn how to more adeptly explore its fishy secrets and how they may vary from season to season, and from morning to past dusk. Fishing Boat

We hope to become your online fishing magazine and fishing forum where you can hone your skills in advance of your next fishing expedition.  We will help you organize your tackle box and help you navigate your next trip to the tackle shop.

We will scour the internet for writers, articles and fishing videos in an effort to make sure that the next time you go shore fishing, or ice fishing or head out in a boat, you will know how to get “on fish” and “catch fish” and “have fun” in the process.

We don’t expect to compete with gentleman’s quarterly, but you can expect a tip or two on fishing attire as well as practical tips on eye wear, and modest items such as sun screen, insect repellent and safety on the water.

Last but certainly not least, we will help you master the art of cleaning and cooking your catch, whether you do it as shore lunch on a camp fire, or you choose to prepare a gourmet feast with the proper wines and spirits.

No matter what style of fishing you enjoy, which species you seek, the adventure is in the hunt and anticipation, the thrill is in the catching, and the reward is in the memories shared (and lied about) for years to come.

Yeah, we may not be Babe Winkleman or the Linder boys, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun drowning worms on a sunny day.



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