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Jigging for Walleyes

Today we are sharing an article on jigging for walleye. Specifically on Vertical Jigging, Pitching Jigs and Trolling Jigs for Walleye.

Jigs are among the most productive walleye lures known to man. Learning to choose the right jig and the right jigging presentation may not be as easy as “ABC”, but it’s close. Just keep the whole walleye fishing alphabet in mind, watch your “P’s and Q’s”, and you too will improve your “A” (attitude) when it comes to jig fishing walleyes.

Walleyes are the state fish in Minnesota, for good reason. They taste good, are reTrolling for Table Rock Walleye | Table Rock Lakelatively abundant, and are also relatively hard to catch consistently.  That last part is what makes fishing a sport.

There is a bit more to being a good walleye jig fisherman than just the A, B and C‘s. There’s “L“, Locating the fish, which helps determine “P“, the Presentation that will best trigger those fish to bite, and “J“, choosing the right Jig to do the job. The part of the walleye jigging alphabet that we’re going to cover here is the “J“. Understanding the right jig to use in a particular situation is one of the least understood aspects of walleye fishing. By learning about the different styles of jigs and jig presentations, your “A” will jump leaps and bounds to helping you attain the “B“s and “C“s of walleye fishing.


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