Texas Rig – How to Set Up a Texas Rig

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The Texas Rig is a great way to present a plastic worm to both small and large mouth bass. by design it is weedless, and the look is so natural you it will catch you even the wiliest bash.

I found a great video that does a wonderful job demonstrating how to set up a Texas rig. Practice this a few times and you will have a powerful tool in your fishing arsenal.

Texas Rig - How to and Pro TipsTexas Rig – How to and Pro Tips
How to put together a texas rig, what hooks and items to use, plus extra tips.


In the above video, reference is made to the improved clinch knot.  Just in case you are not sure about how to tie it, here is a very clear video to shows it well.

One thing it omits though, is that before you tighten this knot, most fishers will wet the knot with some spit of saliva.  The purpose is to lubricate the monofiliment line so it doesn’t heat up do to friction and thus diminish the line strength.   I’m not really sure it makes a big difference, but I also wet my knots anyway. Why risk losing your next big fish to a weak knot?

Improved Clinch Knot - YouTube


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