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Water Temperatures are beginning to climb, and bass season is open for the most part.  Some restrictions remain in Northern Minnesota and perhaps

Bedding Bass

elsewhere. (Know and Follow Your Local Regulations.)  Found a good article in Bass Fishing Resource Guide, you might want to review ahead of your next outing for Spring Time Bass.

When water temperatures move up in the range of 58 to 62 degrees, bass have only one thing on their minds –to spawn.  In order to time this right and find the mother load of bass, there are several variables to consider:

See the article for the details, and note the additional tips such as:

Brighter colors such as white or neon orange allow me to see the bait in the bed.  As bass are often in a defensive mood during the springtime, bright colors help to provoke the bass to defend their nest.

Now some people will tell you not to fish bedding bass. That is up to you. If they are in season, you are well within your rights. But you may want to give even more thought than normal to a catch and release approach.

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