Big Spring River Walleyes

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Learn How to Catch Big Spring River Walleyes

The lakes are still frozen, and the season is not open for the most part except on some boundary rivers. Where that’s the case, it’s time to dress warm and learn where and how to catch big spring river walleyes.

Walleye Seeking Prey

The video below by Jon Thelen for Lindy Tackle was made last year when there was very little snow. The conditions this year are the opposite, so pay attention in the beginning of the video to where he says he would normally fish.

He covers some great tips on where to find fish, the leader he uses and why, and his bait choice and more. Pay particular attention to how he hooks his minnow to keep it kicking longer.

In the video, Jon mentions using no snag swivels. These unique swivels feature a larger than usual loop on one end of a size 10 barrel swivel. This enlarged loop resists getting lodged in a sinker – a situation that causes line twist and hinders the “slip” in slip-sinker fishing.

Lindy No Snag Swivel

Lindy No Snag Swivel


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