Slip Bobber Knot – How to tie one on

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Slip Bobber Knot

Bobber fishing works well in many circumstances for panfish (especially crappie), walleye and through the ice.  Over the years I have used a variety of stops devices to set the depth along the line.

These need to be able to stop the bobber at the appropriate depth and also be small enough to readily go through the eyelets of your pole.

Slip Bobber Set Up

Slip Bobber Set Up

Clayton Will aka WillCFish has done a nice short video on how to tie on a bobber stop with 8 inches of 20 pound weight ultracast braided spiderwire.

It goes by real fast, so have your finger on the pause button to see how easy this knot is.  It will come in handy, when you want to add a slip bobber.

One advantage of this approach is that it will not crimp your line, if you tie it properly. That can’t be said about many of the other slip bobber options out there.

Click on any of the three Amazon Links and explores your many options for slip bobbers. A fundamantal fishing technique, particularly for suspended fish. A must for any well stocked tackle box.

You can see more videos by WillCFish on his YouTube Channel.


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