Panfishing Ice Fishing Lure Choices

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Shopping for Ice Fishing Lures

Back in March of 2014, we posted an article about shopping for Ice Fishing Lures. We are reposting it now with some addtional quotes from that article about some Lindy Products designed for panfish success on the ice. At the time I wrote…

It’s minus 8, the ice is building so it’s time to get the gear ready for the first ice fishing outing.

I already made a trip to Cabella’s to pick up an assortment of ice fishing lures and as always wonder how much of the design effort goes into catcing fish and how much is aimed at catching fishermen’s dollars.

If you have ever wondered why there are so many different seemingly attractive ice fishing lures but had no clue as to why or how to use them, you will likely enjoy this article recently published by the Lindy folks.

Panfish on Ice

I then lead with the articles lead which drew us into the thrill of catching crappies and sunfish through the ice. For these guys we have many selections. Then consider how and why they vary and work in different situations.  As you pick up on these nuances of lure selection and handling, you will pick up on the pace of success on the ice.

Any selection of jigs and spoons should allow you to tune those variables of weight, shape and color to match moods of the fish. For instance, the Lindy Bug comes in two sizes. Both are panfish sizes and each size has 10 color options. The smaller version, with a size #14 hook, in one of the natural patterns like Coach Dog (black on top fading to charcoal on the belly) will “hide” in most light conditions. Its edges fade into the background, appealing to neutral fish. The larger size #12 version in chartreuse/pink glow appears twice as big and is easily seen from twice the distance, appealing to active fish.

The Lindy Toad offers the same lineup of sizes and colors in a “bottom-pounding” jig — a weight-forward design that magically retains horizontal balance. With most of the weight in front it delivers a stronger “punch” when dropped into bottom sediments than any other jig its size, creating a puffy cloud that can alternately hide, then reveal the jig, inspiring those hunting instincts in wary, pressured fish. In this case, you’re fine-tuning with shape not only to create a different profile, but to facilitate a different function.

The Lindy Bug and Toad can be fished in a subtle manner, but not the Foo Flyer. The Foo Flyer Jig has a flattened, horizontal-disc shape, designed to “fly” and cover water outside the diameter of the hole, sending flash in more directions. Even a low-energy lift-drop sends it swimming, making it a great search tool. The Foo Flyer is one of the best tools in your box when panfish are in the mood to chase. Read more here:

The bottom line for me is that you will need and can justify buying yourself a wide selection of panfish lures. Experiment with them in different situations. When you find a successful pattern take time to understand why.  We all love the tug on the line, and pan fishing is sheer joy when you have the right bait at the right time.

Take a few minutes to search throuh some of the panfish lures on Amazon.



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