Shaky Head Worm Technique for Post Spawn Bass

May 17, 2013 11:30 am0 commentsViews: 124

Bass Resource posted a good 12 minute video on the Shaky Head Worm technique.  It’s a good approach for post spawn Bass, and other times when the fish are just off and not biting.

Jigs and Worms for Shaky Head Presentation

Bobberhead Bob doesn’t know a lot about fishing with plastic worms. He prefers to dangle his worms live under a bobber, but he  is always willing to learn.

In this video he learned about different jig types, how to tell if a worm will float or not, the shaky head technique and a good pointer on setting the hook, among other things.

I think you will like it.  Still a few weeks till spawn here in Minnesota and thus a maybe 3-4 weeks before this technique will be useful here. Those of you further South though may be about ready to apply this technique sooner.

Here is a look at a properly hooked worm as described in the video:

Properly Hooked Worm is Weedless


By the way, would love to hear your comments on this video, or any other topic, or suggestion you may have on the Occasional Fisher.

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