Practice Make Perfect – One Fish at a Time…

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Fishing Success – Filleting Practice

Bobberhead Bob went fishing with his son Andrew last night and Andrew won the honors with a single 26″ Northern Pike.

26 inches isn’t a record, but still a nice fish

We were fishing frm the fishing dock on Snelling Lake in Minnesota’s Fort Snelling State Park.  Now Bobberhead did catch two there before the season opened, but was skunked last night.

It took Bobberhead two tries to land the fish with the net.  We’ve done a search on YouTube for a good video on how to use a landing net, but so far haven’t found one we liked.

If you know of one, let us know. We will share it with everyone.  After all there are few ways to lose a fishing buddy as fast as knocking his trophy fish free with the landing net.  Fortunately for Bob, the second try worked and his son is still talking to him.

We have found some good videos on filleting fish, which you can find on our Youtube channel

Or you can find them in the widget area on this page to the bottom right.

Despite watching the video on filleting Northern Pike, Bobberhead managed to waste a fair chunk of meat, and will not warranty that all the Y bones were properly eliminated.

That only means one thing, according to Bob, we need to go fishing more often so we can get more practice with the net and with the fillet knife.

Seems reasonable, don’t you agree.

Best part was fishing with Andy. Fathers and sons should go fishing as often as possible.



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