Power Up Your Hand Auger with Your Cordless Drill

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Power Your Ice Auger With a Cordless Drill

Use the Power of your 18V or higher Cordless Drill to rejuvenate that old hand auger gathering dust.

Save the hassel of gas and oil mixes. Less storage issues, Just bottom half of your old 6, 8 or even 10 Hand Auger and away you go. Just need one added part, the adaptor. See below for quickest and easiest way to get your own adaptor via Amazon.┬á With their quick delivery you will have it in just a few days, and at Amazon’s prices and free shipping options a no brainer.

Get double duty out of your drill and save a ton by not having to buy a gas auger.

Watch this video to see a cordless drill in action.

Cordless Drill Ice Auger Adaptor

Here are some options to consider:

Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit

The Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit offeres two handed control and power for faster and more balanced drilling success.

Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit

Clam Drill Auger Conversion Kit


Q&A on Amazon:

Once you drill a hole, can you put your drill in reverse and reverse out? I’m thinking of getting this for my ice house to drill and re drill holes.
Yes, I do it all the time. When you do that,do it for like 5 seconds and you will suck all the ice shaving under the ice and your ready to fish that hole! no more scooping
By steelerscotty on December 25, 2016


Eskimo Ice Auger Drill Adapter

Roloff 20NAF Navy anchor

Aluminum finish


Eskimo Ice Auger Drill AdapterAttach to any cordless drill

Works on all ice anchors

Fully-welded steel construction

Strikemaster® Electric Ice-Drill Adapter

Strikemaster Electric Ice-Drill Adapter

Strikemaster Electric Ice-Drill Adapter

Replace the handle of your StrikeMaster hand auger with the Electric Ice-Drill adapter and attach your 18-volt-or-higher battery-powered drill. Made of stainless steel. Fits any StrikeMaster hand auger from 4″ to 8″.

3-1/8″H x 5/8″ dia.


Order your Strikemaster Ice-Drill Adapter




Here’s Another Ice Auger Tip For Faster Cutting

Find it in your kitchen cupbord


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