Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing Protect & Serve

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Polarized Sunglasses Protect And Serve

There are several reasons to wear polarized sunglasses when fishing, not the least of which is to have some eye protection against errant lures and hooks.

I once caught a Rapala with my nose during a fishing buddy’s faulty cast, which was evidence enough for me that wearing glasses was a good idea even when you have 20-20 vision.

But the real reason is to see fish and structure better, while protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Polarized lens filter out deflected light – from the reflections on the waters surface etc. and that serves to allow you to see more clearly past those reflections.

The results are as below.

Image from

The net effect of polarized lenses is that they reduce the glare – be it glare off the water, or the glare you might see at night from on coming cars.

The following two images may help explain what is actually happening.

image from

image from

Here is another example of the difference through two different lens, one polarized and one not.

image from

The following video helps make the point as well.

The bottom line is that a pair of polarized glasses will protect your eyes from errant hooks and dangerous ultraviolet light as well as serve you well in allowing you to see into the water better.

You will see more follows. You will see more fish waiting to be caught. You will see more underwater structure, drop offs, weeds and obstacles.

Your eyes will be more comfortable and odds are you will catch more fish. Not too bad of a deal.

If you don’t already have a pair of polarized glasses you can consider some of these options available online through Amazon.

All of the items listed have a 4 or better review rating and at least 10 reviews.

When considering which to buy, understand that you can bet either glass or polycarbonite lenses. The Poly’s will be lighter, the glass lenses are better optically but more expensive.

Yellow tinted lenses work well in low light situations like dawn and dusk, but are less effective during bright conditions.  Consider these as an add on pair, or if you primarily fish dawn and dusk.

In general the best overall tint covers for all purposes are the tan, copper or gray tints.




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  • Great find! I am looking for more ways to grill fish – have only one tasty reicpe so far for which I use Dory fish fillet.Sonia – may I know what fish did u use for the reicpe above? Was it a fillet? I prefer to use a whole fish than fillet if possible.

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