Night Fishing the Jitterbug

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Night Fishing The Jitterbug

Some people go home when it gets dark, others get fishing.   Here is an article about one of the old time lures that works as well today as it did 60 years ago, the Jitterbug.  Larger versions have been know to be dynamite with muskies, but this article focuses on Bass.  The author Charles White is a proficient bass fisher who offers up great tips for the occasional fisher.

Jitterbug fishing lures

A Jitterbug

By Charles White

If you like to night fish then you will love fishing the jitterbug at night. I have caught some monster bass night fishing and it’s fun to say the least.

We all know that a jitterbug is one of the all time favorites for topwater bass fishing. It’s been an old stand by for years.

There’s good reason for that….it works! It has caught big, big bass and always will.

You can of course, fish the jitterbug like most people do and just retrieve it and it will wobble like crazy and attract fish. I like to fish it a little different sometimes. I throw the lure out and let it set. The I take my rod tip and twitch it, the jitterbug’s metal on the front will gather water and make a bubble and push lots of water this way. Then I let it sit and twitch my rod tip again to gather the water and my retrieve is like this all the way in to the boat or shore.

I have had good luck with both retrieves the regular throw and old retrieve and the slower twitch rod retrieve. I have caught bigger bass with twitching my rod and gathering the water in the front way more times than with the regular retrieve at night. It not only scoops the water and makes a bubble but it gives the bass time to hone in on the lure.

Charles E. White has fished 50 years for bass from California to Florida. In his lifetime, it is estimated that he has caught over 6,000 bass. His biggest bass is a 12 pound 14 ounce that hangs on his wall in his office. His tips and techniques have helped many people who have never fished for bass before become successful anglers. He also has fished with the Pros in Florida. His website is at: []

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Caught with a Jitterbug fishing lure

Caught with a Jitterbug




  • I fished a jitterbug for the first time last night, here in Ottawa, Canada. Fished on a medium-sized river, a tributary of the Ottawa River called the Rideau. Wow, does it ever work! Within five minutes a big smallmouth attacked it at the surface and ran with it. My heart was pounding! I was using braided line so I horsed it in, snapped a couple pics then released the big guy no worse for wear.

    Definitely going to use that jitterbug as my #1 night lure for bass. Incredible!

  • Bob Henderson

    The jitterbug gets 2 thumbs up in my book!

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