Jerk Baits: How to fish with jerk baits

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How to fish with Jerk Baits

Jerk Baits are a popular way to fish,  for good reason they can be deadly.

Properly fishing a jerk bait may not be as obvious to the occasional fisher.  The tendency is to cast it out and reel it in.

Jerk Bait Fishing Technique

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That is a mistake. The purpose of jerk baits is to get jerked around. The goal is to entice a reaction strike to the lure. One based on the “death throes” of a dying minnow, in other words an easy meal.

Below is a playlist of several YouTube videos focused on using jerk baits are various times of year.


Among the key takeaways: Most people recommend using fluorocarbon line to keep the bait either stationery or slightly sinking.

Several pointers suggesting the possible need to modify your bait by adding weight to the nose so the nose sinks down.

Most often suggested error occasional fishers make, – reeling in when twitching or jerking the bait.

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