How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures

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How To Make Fish Lures

I recently came across an ebook on how to make fish lures by Vlad Evanhoff, an internationally recognized expert in the field.

How to Make Fishing Lures

And while I do not consider myself to be very handy, it became clear to me that I could certainly make some of these myself.

Now I would do it more for the satisfaction of doing it, but it also appeals to the true hunter spirit in me as well.

What says true fishing more than catching your next catch on a lure you fabricated yourself?

There are 13 chapters with over 130 illustrations. Watch this video to see the free sample you can download to get a better idea of the content of this excellent resource.



In addition to the ebook on lure building, there is a huge package of bonus books, too many in my opinion.  But still who can refuse such a great collection of freebies?

The price is right, the value is there. Imagine the fun you will have building your own lures and then catching fish with them.

Get Your Copy now at: How to Make Fishing Lures

At a minimum, go check it out and download the free 32 page extract to see for yourself the quality of the contents.


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