How to Hold And Unhook a Northern Pike –

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Hooked in Two Fingers – Bobberhead Bob Decides to Learn How to Hold a Northern Pike properly.

Well Bobberhead Bob had an adventurous day fishing. Managed to catch several Northern Pike, mostly small guys. He was having a lot of fun casting a lazy ike over the rapidly emerging weeds off the fishing pier at Snelling Lake.

The last one he caught was a small one, about 15 inches or so.  It had all three hooks of the treble in his mouth, two on top, one on the bottom.

Lazy Ike

Bobberhead was perplexed as to how he was going to remove them. Suddenly the fish took a violent leap from his hands and magically transferred that top treble hook from his mouth deep into not one but two of Bobberhead’s fingers.  His right thumb and index finger were joined in a not so “OK” gesture. Ouch!

A trip to the good doctors at the nearby VA hospital had not been on the itinerary for the day, but proved essential. Turns out Bob was the first fish hook visitor for the year.

Bob decided he needed to review how to better hold a Northern Pike during the hook extraction process.  So he did a quick review of YouTube videos on How to remove a hook from a northern pike. The results were not as good as hoped. However the one below, handles the key part, which is how to hold the fish.

Bobberhead will practice the firm grip under the gill plate the next chance he gets.


Another good idea would be to get a Fish Handling Glove.  As we watch videos of the pro guides handling fish for their customers we see a fair number of them wearing the gloves and not only protecting their hands, but getting a better grip on the fish as well.



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  • Nice video – really clear what to put where – and surprisingly hard to find such a clear video… Fingers crossed this evenings pike was that last for a while to get it’s teeth into my fingers!!!

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