How to Catch Sunfish | The Unsure Parents Guide to Fishing with Kids

May 25, 2013 6:04 am1 commentViews: 72

School will soon be out, and for some occasional fishers this will be an excellent time to take the kids fishing for perhaps the first time.  But if you are more than a little rusty, here is a good article you can use to refresh yourself.

It discusses the obvious and not so obvious gear you will want to bring…

The first thing you need to do is outfit your self with all the necessary gear, but don’t forget to also have a bucket, a knife and a pair of nail clippers along with you, they are often forgotten but frequently essential, a small towel should be taken as well.

And basic advice on bait…

Usually a worm or a piece of a worm is sure to bring results and can be purchased at most of the stores mentioned earlier. You can even make the adventure bigger by first going on a worm hunt to catch your own bait. If all else fails, almost anything that will fit on the hook may work. I’ve even seen Panfish caught using Pillsbury dough and pieces of a hot dog!

To read the entire article, Go here.

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  • Those are all awesome shots! And I love the ‘CPR’ part. 😉 Funny you sluohd mention it, but I was just talking to my dad on the phone the other day and how we need to go fishing when we go out to visit them in Seattle. I love to fish – caught my first fish fishing with my dad when I was 4. 🙂

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