Fishing Trips – Backyard and Beyond

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The fishing trip is one of the key focal points of the Occasional Fisher. Not because we are about promoting fancy lodges and exotic trips, but because every trip that ends us up somewhere with a pole in our hand is a fishing trip.

That true even when the trip’s main purpose is for work or another purpose and only incidentally offers a chance to go fishing.

We will do our best though to accomplish two things. Identify fishing trip destinations you will want to add to your “Minnow Bucket” list and also share ideas on how to make the most of your more routine fishing trips.

Smelt Fishing Trip

The Smelt Are Running!


We will of course celebrate fishing trips of all kinds, from snow mobile treks into Canada to fish Lake trout, and special events such as the annual smelt run.

Nothing like bringing them home by the tubfull!



Perhaps you are more interested in getting some Big fish – How about a trip to Alaska for some Salmon?  Think you would like to take a try at a river full of them?

Fishing trips -Salmon river

Swimming Salmon in Alaska

Or perhaps your idea of a true fishing trips involves flying into a distant seldom fished lake in Northern Ontario.

Fly In Fishing Trip

Fly In Fishing Trip

There are fish almost everywhere. And while some destinations will have a lure of their own, we will also discuss fishing lakes and fishing spots closer to home.

Right here in Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, fishing opportunities abound for trophy fish in Lake Harriet in the city and good fishing throughout the immediate area. We will venture out to the Alexandria area, and head up North to Lake Vermilion, and discuss whether or not Mille Lacs is the Great Dead sea or not.

While we are at it, we may even venture over to Cheesehead land to catch a few on our way to a Lake Michigan charter or head to points south as well.

The fishing trip is any event that gets us on water and on fish. And as such it will be well celebrated in the Occasional Fisher.

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