Fishing Tips

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Fishing Tips

The Occasional Fisher will share as many Fishing Tips as possible.

We hope however to put those tips in context, dealing with the style of fishing you are doing and species of fish you are seeking.

Knowing when to set the hook and when to wait for the bobber to sink out of site will make a difference if you are bobber fishing for Crappies or Northern Pike. When Ice Fishing, a deft touch will sometimes catch fish when the super small float barely twitches, while in the summer you may be merely yanking the bait away from your prey before they have a chance to bite.

Fishing Tips

Setting Up a Slip Bobber

The fishing tips category is huge and we will eventually cover every nook and cranny. We will learn to tie knots and rig our gear properly. We will also learn how to untangle things and get our lures free when they are wedged in the rocks.

We will cover general tips and then specific tips dedicated to the particular fish we want to catch, the style of fishing we are doing and the time of year in which we are fishing.

We will try to uncover the secrets of the pros without needing to become pros. After all this is about the Occasional fisher, but then again our entire reason to exist is to help the Occasional fisher succeed on those occasions when they can get their line wet.

So to start we will focus on some of the basics and work out way up from there.

For example, we may well spend some time just learning the different ways to hook a minnow. And maybe even a little course in which minnow do you want to buy for which fish.  The fishing tips section will be one of our most popular. Fishing with Minnows

Some Alternate Ways of Rigging Minnows

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