Fishing Swimbaits for Bass in the Summer

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Summer Swim Baits for Bass

Sometimes it’s not the feel of the strike you are paying attention to, its the absence of the feel of your bait, signifying that a monster (hopefully) Bass has grabbed your bait and is rushing toward you…

At least that is one message I pulled out of this article by Don Payne for Bass West Magazine and reprinted with permission in Bass Resource Guide

To fish swimbaits in the summer requires some extra planning and at least a couple of different baits tied on at all times. Two factors dictate which baits I use, and when I use them.
Summertime means increased temperatures and increased boat traffic. I will use the Basstrix and Osprey swimbaits in the early morning in shallow water,

Basstrix Swimbait

Basstrix Swimbait

but as the traffic increases and the sun rises I switch to an Optima swimbait and search out and target the fish in deeper water. You can throw an Optima a half a country mile and fish it very deep.
As usual for swimbaits, I use a 7-foot Muskie-type Berkley Series One rod, with no lees than 25- pound line, and a high-speed reel; the high-speed reel being the single most important element to my rig.

Many times, when you slow roll the bait across the bottom you’ll suddenly lose the feel of the bait. It’s just not there! That’s when you must reel fast and get ready to set the hook because that trophy fish has taken the bait and is swimming it back to you. You must get control of the line before setting the hook so the reel speed is crucial.

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