Fishing Line Twists – Not the Dance I Want

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As a boy, the Twist was the fist dance I understood, which dates me a bit.  However, one kind of twist I don’t like is fishing line twist.

There is nothing more frustrating for the occasional fisher than to have a big nasty snarl of tangled line after the first handful of casts.  It often requires cutting the line and stripping off a dozen of more feet of line and then re-rigging your business end.

Fishing Line Twist

Fishing Line Twist – Yuck!
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This situation will often happen on your first outing of the year.  That’s because the line on your reel has been tightly curled around your reel all winter (or longer) and has developed a memory of tight curls.

You will see these clearly as you gaze out at your line after a cast and see the concentric circles of lines when there is some slack.

The lessen here is, that it may well pay to start with fresh line at the beginning of the season.

When adding line to your spinning reel you may be surprised to learn there is a right and wrong direction doing it.

In this Mark Berg Fishing video for the you will learn a couple key tricks to filling your reel correctly and in the process help reduce your potential problem with line curl and fishing line twist.

So once you have new line on your reel, you need to understand how to cast in such a manner as to prevent fishing line twist from occurring.

In this video by bassfinincom called, “Preventing Line Twists on Spinning Reels When Bass Fishing” you will learn several key tips that will help reduce if not eliminate fishing line twist problems.

The tips on casting may require some practice if you are not already following the suggestions. That is a good excuse in my book to go fishing.  And if you are planning a fishing with your more experienced buddies, it may even be a good idea to find a local lake or river where you can get some practice in before the big trip.

Take the time to check you line for existing curl and spend a few bucks on fresh line if you need it.  And get in the habit of closing the bail by hand, and adding some tension by holding your line with your hand as you reel in the slack.

It may seem strange at first if it’s not the way you automatically do it. But with a little practice it will become second nature to you.  The result will be fewer fishing line twists to deal with, and more time actually fishing.

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