Fishing Gear

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I first got really interested in fishing at day camp when I was a young boy.  I had a simple drop line, wrapped around a stiff piece of cardboard, one small sinker and a hook.  Not even sure I had a bobber.

Fishing Gear

A Drop Line -All the Fishing Gear I Needed.

It was all I needed to pull up little sunnies and perch from the dock. Oh, needed some worms too, or pieces of corn and one time, just a piece of red paper torn from a small box of pretzels. And not to brag, but I got a few with a bare hook as well.

Over the years, my need for more and better fishing gear asserted itself. And there is a lot of fishing gear one can accumulate.  Today, I have three tackle boxes, more poles than I can count and a half dozen reels, not counting the ice fishing gear.

As we prepare to launch the Occasional fisher, we are taking the entire arena of fishing gear and breaking it into four large categories.  That may change over time, but for now we are thinking in terms of Tackle box, Poles and Reels, Boats and Trailers and Fishing Accessories to capture everything else from minnow buckets to fish finders.

As this is the Occasional Fisher, we will focus more on the tackle box end than the boat and trailer end of things.  We will do our best to help you understand what type of fishing gear you need, and whenever possible what type of fishing gear you do not need.


  • It may be helpful to explain the uses of the knots you show.
    i.e. line to line, snell, terminal tackle etc.

    • Bobberhead Bob

      Good point. The daily feature is provided by a third party resource and is used with their permission. By clicking on the link below the daily tip you will be taken to their site which offer a nice resource on all types of knots including their uses.

      I hope to do more on specific knots and their uses over time, as a handful of them come in very handy. Thanks for visiting the Occasional Fisher.

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