Filleting Walleye – Cheeks & Wings Plus Knife & Electric Knife

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Continuing our series on filleting fish, in this post we will present two videos on filleting walleye.  There are different styles and approaches.

Walleye Fillet

Walleye Fillet

We selected these two videos to share because while they present basically the same techniques, one makes a special point of capturing the “cheeks” and the “wings.”  Now the wings are not boneless, but well worth saving and many people let them go to waste.

More people know about the cheeks as they are often described as the fillet Mignon of walleye.  Well worth saving and enjoying.

The first video is presented y Lorne Kulrich of Beaver Creek Lodge. He will show you how to get the full meal deal from your walleye.

The next video is presented by two established walleye fisher’s Jon Thelen and Mike Christensen.  In this video Mike uses an electric fillet knife and John finishes with a regular knife the way God intended.  🙂

Some have criticized this last video on YouTube because they left some meat behind, but I included it to show the electric knife, and if you watch both videos you will have a pretty solid idea of how to fillet a walleye.

To Learn More About Fillet Knives and What to Consider when Buying one, see our post on Fish Fillet Knives

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