Dock Fishing For Bass

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Docks Are Bass Lures:

They offer good cover and are on virtually every lake you fish. Bobberhead Bob does a lot of fishing from docks,  but the article he found is about fishing docks from a  boat.

Dock Fishing

Will This Dock Hold Fish?

It starts by helping you understand which docks to not bother fishing and then outlines a strategy that will ensure you catch the most bass possible, when fishing the right kind of docks.

Bobber will excerpt a portion of the article and then offer a link to the main article for you to finish if you find it as interesting as the Bobber did.

Dock Fishing 101

By Richard Sims

Over the years I have fished virtually every type of bass structure imaginable-weeds, rocks, logs, and brush. There’s one similarity between all of those-they’re all natural structure. As fun as these are to fish, and as much bass as they hold, I missed out possibly my favorite type of bass-holding structure, and it didn’t fall into the water because of weather. This, of course, is man-made wooden docks. But some docks aren’t productive, and some are. Why is this? Which ones are best to fish?? Hopefully this article will answer those questions and more about dock fishing for bass!

Which Docks To Fish

Let’s get this out of the way-I can’t tell you what to do, I can just tell you what I do from personal experience. If there is a metal dock, or a dock that is floating by big blue jugs, etc. avoid it. Bass like their docks natural-looking. Also, metal legs on the dock usually don’t hold fish as much as wooden ones, but this can be stretched if the legs are dark or brown (wood colored).
Also, you may want to avoid docks with boats on them if you aren’t an A+ caster. Cottagers or boat owners do not want hooks stuck in their valuable investments. Chances are pretty good they won’t appreciate that free lure as much as you would.
If there are people on the docks (this is a given) also skip them. The people will probably spook fish away. Besides, they’re trying to enjoy the lake, and they don’t want people fishing at their ankles. Leave the dock and come back later when it’s vacant.

Where To Fish When You Find The Right Dock

The general rule for me is, always fish the shadow side of the dock first.

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