Crappie Fishing Tips

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Tips to Catching Crappie

Crappies have been slow to migrate into spawning waters so far this spring in Minnesota.  The good news is that there is lots of time to get some crappie fishing in this year.  Below is an article I found with some good tips on Crappie fishing. I have excerpted a couple of tips but you should consider reading the entire article. The source link is down below.

Where to Find Crappie

Come out, ­come out, wherever you are!

Though crappies are abundant and seen as an easy fish to catch, that doesn’t mean you can just go cast your line and find success. A basic understanding of crappie habitats will help you on your trip.

So coverage is what we need right? Then get to know your favorite fishing spot as well as you can. Any water with points, inlets, holes, sunken islands, dams, submerged objects, reeds or weeds is prime real estate for the crappie [source: Take Me Fishing]. Those formations all provide the necessary coverage that the crappie seeks out. If you remember that, than you can use logic to figure out where you can hunt for fish.

In the Twin Cities, a good head start to finding crappies can be found in the Twin Cities Fishing Guide.  A great resource for occasional fishers in the Minneapolis- St Paul, Minnesota area.  PS: The guide below is on sale on Amazon, but you can get an even cheaper price by buying a used copy on Amazon.  Click on the image and then check for used copies on the Amazon page. Now if you want a clean book, go ahead and grab a new copy.


Twin City Fishing Guide

Great Info For Local Fishing “Know Where”

Crappie Lures

Crappies have keen eyesight, so coloring is important [source:]. Opt for lure colors that correspond with the surrounding conditions. In clear waters, use lures that are close to the typical color of crappie food such as silver and gray. At night, you can try blacks and dark blues. On sunny days, use the brightest color lures you can find.

Night Fishing for Crappie

­Fishing at night can be one of the most ex­hilarating fishing trips you’ll ever make. Not only is night fishing a great event, but it can be an extremely productive outing. Just make sure you get to know your lake ahead of time so no underwater obstacles affect your trip. As always, if fishing from a boat, make sure the proper safety equipment is on board and visible.

Crappies are cold-blooded creatures on a constant search to regulate their body temperature. They move in toward surface waters at night when the temperature cools [source: Knol]. This is also where crappies feed.


For a comprehensive Top to Bottom Crappie Fishing Guide be sure to check out my post:


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