Carp Fishing – Using their natural tendencies against them

July 1, 2013 7:49 am1 commentViews: 93

Most fish are easy to spook, and as such its important to be careful and quiet when fishing. The Thundermist team suggests a rig to take advantage of the Carp’s tendency to bolt away when they think something is “fishy.” They call it a Bolt rig, which they use to great advantage in this video.

Carp Fishing

Carp are strong fighters

Bobberhead still has catfish on his mind, but when he thinks about catfish, he thinks about fishing the river. That brings back memories of the big fight he had with a carp a few years back.

They put on a real contest, and are a lot of fun to catch. So now he is thinking about gearing up for both. At any rate, watch this video and see if Carp fishing should be added to your fishing adventures.

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