Bullhead Fishing Low Down

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Bullhead Fishing – Plentiful & Easy

Many folks are afraid of bullheads because of their three spines that can inflict a discouraging sting. They are also not the most handsome of fish, but they have many other positive aspects, if you give them a chance.

Bullhead Fishing Tips

Bullhead Pride

Not the least of which is that they are plentiful and relatively easy to catch.

One of the better overall site dealing with bullheads is:

Here is an excerpt:

Fishing for bullhead catfish is easy, fun, and productive if you’re good at it. But if you’re not any good, it’s probably a real pain!

I’m going to tell you all about bullhead catfish and how to fish for them. You’ll be able to catch dozens of bullheads quickly.

You‘ll also know how to handle, clean, and cook them.

Why go bullhead fishing? To start with, these fish are relatively easy to catch. You get a lot of fast action. You can often fish for bullheads from shore.

These factors make bullheads a good fish to target if you’re new to fishing. You can practice using your tackle while you get easy bites from bullheads.

You won’t need expensive tackle; simple gear is fine. The baits are cheap too.

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