Boat Preparation for That First Big Trip

May 15, 2013 6:09 am0 commentsViews: 19

With the long winter, you may not have gotten your boat ready for the season yet. If so, you may want to watch this quick video.

Proper Trailer Hitching Is Essential

Proper Trailer Hitching Is Essential

One of the most basic things to do, is to make sure your trailer is properly hitched to your vehicle when you take it out.  Bobberhead Bob has four brothers,  and to protect one of them from ridicule, he won’t mention names.

But there was this time when Bob went fishing with one of his brothers only to have the trailer detach a half a block from the driveway.

The good news was the chains were attached right and no damage was done, except perhaps to Bob’s brother’s ego.

Make sure you attach a hose to your motor before you start it up dry, a detail shown but not specifically mentioned in the video above.



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