Black Friday is for Fishing – Gear that is.

November 24, 2017 12:09 pm0 commentsViews: 18

Help the Occasional Fisher Find the Gear They Want

The Occasional Fisher has started an effort to share with their friends ideas for holiday gifts for the fisher.

The real problem for most friends and loved ones is to pick a gift for the fisher that they would really like and use.  Just how many hook outs does a fellow need afterall?

Now I would not mind an extra fishing knife, I really do not need anymore sinkers.

So I am asking the question of the fishers out there. What would you really like for Christmas from your loved one, besides the new bass boat?

Any universal ideas would be most welcome.

We at Occassional Fisher will be giving this some thought ourselves.

Now we did release a short post yesterday with some gifts for fishermen ideas, but before we began to think about the ultimate guide for the things fishers need.

As the month goes on, we will try to expand on that theme as well as explore the joys of the coming season on the ice.

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