Beer Batter Recipe – Fried Fish Fillet’s Best Friend

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Beer Batter Recipe Variations

The simplicity of a Beer Batter Recipe for frying Walleye, or any other fish for that matter,  seems simple at first, until you try to come up with just one recipe for it.

Beer Batter Recipe

Walleye Beer Batter Recipe

The uniformly mentioned ingredients are flour, egg(s), salt, pepper,

Usually Baking powder

Variations: Several mention garlic powder, nutmeg,  old bay seasoning, paprika.  Seems like everyone has an added ingredient to make it their own.

Mix dry ingredients and stir together well.

Add Egg – 1 or 2  I figure about 1 egg per cup of flour and use about equal amounts of beer as flour.

You want a pancake like thickness for the batter.

Some rest the batter for 10-20 minutes.

Heat oil to 365-375 degrees. Usually at least 1 1/2 to 2″ depth to deep frying depths of 4-6 inches or more.

Cut fish fillets into pieces.  (3-4 inches)

Pat dry.

Several suggest dredge fish in flour or sometimes corn meal, and then dip into batter.

Carefully place in oil, typically about 2 minutes a side,

Cook in small bathes, keep the oil at high temperature.

Drain cooked fish on plates with paper towel (or even brown paper bags) to absorb some of the oil.

Salt afterwards and serve while still hot.

The variations are probably endless, the best approach is up to what you have on hand. Best time to eat fish is as soon after you catch them as possible.  That way you have an excuse to go fishing again.

Below is a video showing an approach that uses paprika as the added ingredient, with cod fillets. It would work just as well with walleye or any other fish.

Beer batter 

Beer is a popular ingredient in batters used to coat foods before frying. One reason is that a basic batter can be made from merely flour, beer, and some salt. The purpose of using beer is so the bubbles in the beer will add body and lightness to the batter.

Depending on the type and quality of the beer, beer may also add color or some flavor to the batter.

The practice of beer battering is popular in Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe, and Russia.

Some foods that are commonly beer battered and fried are fish, chips, and onion rings.  –  according to Wikipedia


Regional variations abound with one of the more popular the cajun version from Lousianna.


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