The Occasional Fisher is dedicated to the average Joe who would love to get out fishing more, but just doesn’t have the time freedom to do so as much as he would like.

Our goal is to provide tips and tricks to help you get more fun and enjoyment out of those trips you are able to work into your schedule.  We would like you to be as prepared for success as your most experienced fishing buddy and perhaps even help you out fish him your next time out.

The Occasional Fisher is published in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attempts to curate content from around the web from a wide range of sources to bring you the best tips and advice on all aspects of fresh water fishing no matter what species you are angling for.

We will also explore destination fishing trips as well, but our initial focus will be on catching more fish while you are up at the lake, or enjoying a camping or fishing trip somewhere in the upper Midwest.

The publisher still remembers, vaguely I admit, that first trip by row boat when I was a kid some 60 years ago.  Bamboo poles and angle worms and time with dad can in fact create life time memories.

The thrill of the catch and time with buddies in a boat make life worth living. We hope to add a little to your enjoyment with our efforts here.

-Earl Netwal